Daily Comments

Jerry advises clients throughout the United States on a daily basis (morning comments) via fax or web updates. The evolution of the web site www.gulkegroup.com has streamlined information transmission and made access to market comments and strategies available from virtually anywhere. In addition, web site development will lead to audio and video conferencing and educational tutorial services, as well as access to more of the fundamental tools and associated facts that would not otherwise be available through conventional methods. Morning comments regularly consist of individual commentaries on daily weather, corn, the soybean complex, wheat, and livestock. Comments on the "soft" commodities such as cotton and rice are also covered from time to time in the daily comments, and every weekend in the weekend chart analysis . Although not necessarily part of the standard recommendations, Jerry will readily explain his views and what he is doing in the equity (stocks) and interest rate markets (bonds) as well as the energy components (crude, heating oil, gasoline). In addition, when necessary, comments on newsworthy items and their impact on agriculture are also included. Normally, daily comments consist of one or two pages. Samples of past daily comments are available on the website.