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Our Services

Gulke Group provides you with the following services to help you manage your risk:

Morning & Mid-Day Comments: Morning comments cover U.S weather & news, technical analysis, Jerry Gulke's market commentary, world news and Gulke Group trading recommendations. Marketing recommendations include: Corn, Soybean Complex, Wheat, Livestock, Hogs, Rice, and Cotton. Other ag-related commodities include: Natural Gas, Crude Oil, Heating Oil, Gasoline, World Currencies, DJIA, and the Interest Rate Markets. We also include the Gulke Group Position Summary and Speculator's Table.

Mobile Phone Updates: In conjunction with the morning and mid-day comments, we send a phone update to clients. This ensures that clients receive new advice in a timely fashion. As a new addition, Jerry periodically records voice updates personally as the market warrants.

Access to Gulke Group Analysts: Clients with questions about marketing recommendations or how to apply the advice to their own personal farming operation have access to Gulke Group analysts.

Gulke Group Position Summary: The Summary shows Gulke Group's positions in an easy to read table. The table is separated by traded commodities and shows at what percentage of production Gulke Group is hedged via futures, options, and cash sales. Gulke Group updates the table daily as per the day's recommendations.

Weekly Chart Analysis: Gulke Group updates a collection of technical charts each week and publishes the charts to the clients. Gulke Group strives to educate producers on technical analysis to enable the clients to understand the tools we use to make decisions.

Gulke Group Conferences: Clients benefit from attending client-only conferences. Presenters include individuals that Jerry considers to be the best speakers and most knowledgeable analysts in the business. Jerry also gives his own personal outlook.

Interest Rate Hedging: Interest rates are at historically low levels. This creates an opportunity for people to protect their operating lines of credit from interest rate increases. Gulke Group can help you to lock in these low rates as far out as 10 years with limited risk.